Welcome to Fauna Europaea

Fauna Europaea is Europe's main zoological taxonomic index. Scientific names and distributions of all living, currently known, multicellular, European land and freshwater animal species are available in one authoritative database.

Fauna Europaea offers key information on:

  • Taxonomical index for European land and freshwater species
  • Information on the geographical distribution of many species
  • Database on taxonomic experts in Europe
  • References on literature of European species taxonomy and distribution
  • A browsable taxon tree

Fauna Europaea provides access to its rich and quality-checked data via this public web portal that also links to other key biodiversity services. It is installed as a taxonomic backbone in a wide range of biodiversity services and actively contributes to biodiversity informatics innovations in various initiatives and EC programs. Fauna Europaea started in 2000 as an EC funded FP5 project and provides a unique taxonomic reference for many user-groups such as scientists, governments, industries, nature conservation communities and educational programs. Fauna Europaea was formally accepted as an INSPIRE standard for Europe, as part of the European Taxonomic Backbone established in PESI. Today it is hosted by the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin.

This site is powered by the EDIT Platform for Cybertaxonomy and supported by EU BON (eubon.eu). EU BON - Building the European Biodiversity Observation Network, presents an innovative approach towards the integration of biodiversity data and information systems, both from in-situ and remote sensing data sources. The EU BON project is a 7th Framework Programme funded by the European Union under Contract No. 308454. 

Information about the old website

Due to significant security issues and a warning received from the German Federal Office for Information Security, the old Fauna Europaea site (faunaeur.org) urgently had to be closed and is unfortunately no longer available. All requests to this site are automatically redirected to the new portal, also directly available under fauna-eu.org.

The new Fauna Europaea portal first launched in late 2016 provides access to all taxonomic and geographic distribution information currently contained in the Fauna Europaea database by directly searching for individual taxa. Through a search request, also the full taxonomic tree is available for further navigation.

However, a number of functionalities (e.g. to obtain a list of species for any taxon above the genus level, to offer export/download functionalities for species lists/distributions) as well as some statistics available at the old site are not yet implemented at the new site, which is still under development. These functionalities will be implemented in the near future, as well as further improvements on display and functions. Also, pending updates on the taxonomic and geographic content in the database will be tackled, but may still take some time due to limited personnel and resources available.

Many thanks for your understanding and we apologize for all inconveniences. In case of urgent need of specific information currently not accessible from the site, please, do contact us.