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Eupteryx decemnotata Rey, 1891

Eupteryx decemnotata Rey, 1891


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Distribution Europe and worldwide
Region Status
Vatican City-no data-
Netherlands-no data-
Italy-no data-
Jersey-no data-
Latvia-no data-
Liechtenstein-no data-
Lithuania-no data-
Luxembourg-no data-
Macedonia-no data-
Malta-no data-
Moldova-no data-
Monaco-no data-
Montenegro-no data-
Norway-no data-
Ireland-no data-
Poland-no data-
Portugal-no data-
Romania-no data-
Russian Federation-no data-
San Marino-no data-
Serbia-no data-
Slovakia-no data-
Spain-no data-
Svalbard & Jan Mayen Islands-no data-
Sweden-no data-
Ukraine-no data-
Isle of Man-no data-
Iceland-no data-
Croatia-no data-
Czech Republic-no data-
Aland Islands-no data-
Albania-no data-
Andorra-no data-
Belarus-no data-
Belgium-no data-
Bosnia-Herzegovina-no data-
Bulgaria-no data-
Hungary-no data-
Denmark-no data-
Estonia-no data-
Faeroe Islands-no data-
Finland-no data-
France-no data-
Germany-no data-
Gibraltar-no data-
Great Britain-no data-
Greece-no data-
Guernsey-no data-
Italian mainlandpresent
French mainlandpresent


Eupteryx decemnotata Rey, 1891
    • =Eupteryx lombardi Melichar, 1896


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