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Idiocerus lituratus (Fallen, 1806)

Idiocerus lituratus (Fallen, 1806)


Iassus lineolatus Le Peletier & Serville, 1825: Le Peletier, A L M & Serville, J G - Tettigometre, Tettigometra and Tettigone, Tettigonia in Olivier's Encyclopedie methodique 10: 600-613. 1825
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Distribution Europe and worldwide
Region Status
Vatican City-no data-
Liechtenstein-no data-
Belarus-no data-
Bosnia-Herzegovina-no data-
Croatia-no data-
Denmark-no data-
Faeroe Islands-no data-
France-no data-
Gibraltar-no data-
Great Britain-no data-
Greece-no data-
Guernsey-no data-
Iceland-no data-
Isle of Man-no data-
Italy-no data-
Jersey-no data-
Luxembourg-no data-
Aland Islands-no data-
Macedonia-no data-
Malta-no data-
Moldova-no data-
Monaco-no data-
Montenegro-no data-
Netherlands-no data-
Norway-no data-
Portugal-no data-
Russian Federation-no data-
San Marino-no data-
Serbia-no data-
Slovenia-no data-
Spain-no data-
Svalbard & Jan Mayen Islands-no data-
Andorra-no data-
Italian mainlandpresent
Britain I.present
Central European Russiapresent
Czech Republicpresent
Danish mainlandpresent
East Palaearcticpresent
French mainlandpresent
Greek mainlandpresent
The Netherlandspresent
Spanish mainlandpresent
South European Russiapresent
Portuguese mainlandpresent
Norwegian mainlandpresent
North European Russiapresent
Near Eastpresent
Moldova, Republic ofpresent

Common Name

Danish: Ørepilcikade


Idiocerus lituratus (Fallen, 1806)
  • Jassus lituratus Fallen, 1806
  • =Iassus dorsiger Le Peletier & Serville, 1825
  • =Iassus lineolatus Le Peletier & Serville, 1825
  • =Idiocerus maculipennis Curtis, 1839
  • =Idiocerus rubrifrons Rey, 1894


taxonomic specialist
group coordinator